Welcome to
Asteria Mui ne

Welcome to Asteria Mui Ne Resort, an enchanting coast of Vietnam, where dreams intertwine the sea for a truly holistic vacation
Enjoy the refined ambiance of 347 rooms & suites, each offering stunning views of turquoise waters.
Delight in beachfront amenities and tailored activities that unfold throughout the day at 200m stretch of white sand beach, and evening at the
Arena stage.
Unwind by the exquisite pool, where the colors of the sky and sea merge in a harmonious symphony. Savor coastal flavors at our dining venues, paired with delectable cocktails.
Get inspired at A’Srina Hall, where productive business meetings and conferences come to life, meticulously tailored to perfectly suit your unique style and preferences.
Experience ultimate relaxation at Stellar Spa, inspired by the sea.
Escape to our Asteria Mui Ne Viet Nam to embrace adventure and nature’s beauty with luxurious comfort. Our dedicated team is here to curate personalized experiences for joyful moments! 

All - Inclusive

Savor all-day dining with 3 main meals, snack meal and afternoon tea at selected F&B outlets (Sandora, Parosa, Shoreline Snack)
Unlimited drinks serving varieties local beer and wine at Shoreline Snack, operating 23 hours daily
Daily refill minibar with complimentary
Daily healthy animation programs for adults and children which is attentive cherish team including wellness, sports, dancing classes, games and beach activities
Join the vibrant nightlife at Arena outdoor stage, plus specialty events surround the stretching coconut garden
Buddies Kid Clubs features vast indoor and outdoor spaces, versatile function rooms, a cozy sleeping area.
A wide range of facilities and activities await you, including Azure Pool, Water Slides, Select Cinema, Photo Check-in areas, Stellar Spa and more…

What Make Us Different

Where Every Moment is a Gentle Caress

Nature Discovery

Guests can embark on guided tours to discover the natural wonders of the surrounding area. This may include visits to picturesque fishing villages, guided hikes through lush landscapes, or even exploring the nearby Fairy Stream, known for its unique red and white sand formations.

Adventure Excursions

The team can arrange thrilling excursions such as snorkeling or scuba diving in vibrant coral reefs, kiteboarding or windsurfing in the pristine waters, or exploring nearby sand dunes through exhilarating quad biking or dune buggying.

Culinary Experiences

Food enthusiasts can enjoy personalized culinary experiences, such as private cooking classes with expert chefs, exclusive dining setups on the beach or by the poolside, or curated tasting menus showcasing the best of coastal flavors and fresh seafood.

Wellness & Relaxation

For those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, the team can arrange personalized spa treatments at Asteria Spa, where guests can indulge in luxurious therapies inspired by the sea. Yoga or meditation sessions can also be organized to enhance overall well-being.

Cultural Immersion

Guests can immerse themselves in the local culture through tailored experiences, such as visits to traditional markets, engaging in traditional Vietnamese crafts or cooking workshops, or attending cultural performances and events.

Special Occasions

The dedicated team can create memorable moments for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even romantic proposals. They can arrange customized decorations, intimate candlelit dinners, or surprise activities to make the occasion truly unforgettable.

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